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Gallery and library in park

Fotografie modelu


Zimní semestr 2016


Redčenkov | Danda

Typ atelieru

Atelier soubor staveb

Franzensbad, School projects
About This Project

In now days is the park used rather randomly. There is a way to the bus station connecting Cheb and Františkovy Lázně. Between the park and the historical center, there is a church. From here leads a historical axis going through the park, but unfortunatelly ending with a block of houses instead of fluent continuing.


Concept solves the division of the park by the historical development. In the oldest part there is a free space. In the other two spaces I create a gallery and a library of o circular shape, which evolves from the typical roofing of thermal dews and from antiquity.

The first headword is ways. They define the shape of the building. Circle can change the ways that people choose to go through this area or it can also give a new lifeto the park.

The second headword is space. That is very important for a building in a park and that’s the reason why there are trees in the middle of the building.

The third headword is opening. The transparency of the building is the main attribute for connecting the structure and nature.


The design is a complex composed of two circular buildings – the gallery and the library. These two objects are designed to merge with the park. This is supported by the structure from vertical boards that create a lot of openings on the park.

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