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New building of the National Gallery

Typ atelieru

ATOS - atelier občanská stavba


Letní semestr 2015

St. Agnes Convent, School projects
About This Project

The assigment was to design a new building for The National Gallery at the Cloister of the St. Agnese, which will meet the coditions for the area of expositions, plus aditional parts (20 000 m2), which the new building will need. It was also very important to solve the urbanism of the site and fitting into the context of the cloister.

Object has 5 stories. The ground floor is public with complemetary functions (café, space for exhibitions, museum with a shop and its background). The main activities are from the second floor.

In the other two stories are expositions with background and depository. The whole complex is connected by a “cube”, which is for temporary expositions. It also contains one of the oldest parts of the cloister, which is 9 meters high wall. The facade of the new building is based on a scelet system, which is layed around with stone. In the interior is the building very universal, as the gallery needs.

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